Free Transport Facility*

Most of the overseas doctors are apprehensive of travel arrangements in UK. To help take this load off the candidates, we are pleased to announce our new offer.

Arriving to Manchester Airport: (Recommended)

We can arrange pick up for £45 at any time.
Pick up is free for sponsorship candidates

We can send free bus ticket to travel from Manchester to Liverpool. Then you will have to get a taxi from Liverpool coach station and travel to course centre. Taxi will cost £20

Arrival to London: (Arrive before 8 pm)

We can arrange for FREE travel to Liverpool. Journey between London and Liverpool typically takes about 5 hrs in bus

We will purchase and send The E- ticket for bus journey for FREE. You must make sure that you take a printed copy of this ticket on the day of travel.

There are other modes of travel between Liverpool and London. Train journey will take only around 2 hrs. If you wish to travel by train, we will not be able to make the booking arrangements for your travel. However, we will be able to pay a maximum of £ 10 towards your travel. We will reimburse on your arrival.
Please visit following websites for more information
Bus Travel : ,
Train Travel :

*Terms and conditions apply:
Terms and conditions:
This offer will stand valid only if you inform us at least three weeks prior to your day of travel.
You must apprise us about your travel arrangements by sending us an email to
If you cancel/ make changes to your travel itinerary we will not be able to make any further changes and offer will stand invalid. This is done in view of large amount of administrative duties involved.
This offer is limited for the overseas doctors who will be arriving to UK for taking PLAB course and travel to course centre directly from airport

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Arrival to Liverpool airport:
Only flights from Europe arrive to Liverpool.

You can call delta taxi at 0151 924 7373 on arrival