3 Weeks of Stay and Study


3 Weeks of Stay and Study: £795


This package includes full course and accommodation for 3 weeks. Includes 11 days full course and 10 days to practice.  This gives you the best change to practice and refine your skills to ensure success in the exam. This course is eligible for  money back guarantee*.

Includes :
11 Days course and two mock tests
3 weeks accommodation in standard shared room
Money back guarantee. If you do not pass in the exam, we will refund the course fees. Registration fees, accommodation charges and mock test fees are not refundable.

How to book?


Please book this course online. When you make this booking select 21 days of standard shared accommodation and select full course. The total cost should appear as 895.00. We will add discount of £100 on arrival to make the total cost £795.00

3 Weeks of Stay and Study- LIMITED SPONSORSHIP / PAY LATER SCHEME: £1150

This package includes 11 days course, two mock tests, exam pass guarantee and job guarantee. If you don’t pass the exam or get job, you don’t have to pay the balance of the fees. Terms and conditions apply.

You pay £50 at the time of registration and £200 on arrival. The remaining balance of £600 can be paid after getting the job.

Terms and conditions

1. Should take the course at least 3 weeks before the exam

2. Should have 100% attendance in the course and reside in the premises for the entire duration

3. Should send us CV before arrival and should seek help in getting job.

4. Should follow the advice given and keep in contact with us after the exam to get the guidance for job

5. If above terms and conditions are not observed then the reaming balance will be paid within 3 months of the exam.

How to book?

Click here and complete the application form. We will send you a confirmation email if you are application is accepted for Limited Sponsorship. We will let you know within 24 hours.