GMC has now introduced patient simulator manikin in the exam. This manikin can be programmed to produce various clinical presentations. This manikin can talk, breath, exhale CO2, bleed, blink eyes and cry. He can be attached to monitors to check his vital signs. He responds to IV medications and O2 just like a real human

We aim to give our candidates an edge over other PLAB candidates to help them standout in the exam and easily pass. We have now set up this new training session (PLAB+PLUS) to provide extra information. This is a 4hr long separate training session. you will get a chance to examine and feel this manikin. This course is NOT part of 10 days or Full Course. There is an extra fees for this course.

We have added this course as an optional extra to keep the cost of 10 days course same. If you have tight budget, We recommend you to take this course instead of an extra mock test.

Cost: £20
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