My Experience with PLAB RIGHT

My name is Dr. Umar Nazar Rathore and I am from Pakistan
my experience with PLAB RIGHT: Well, it all started when I passed my PLAB 1, back in 2009 and booked PLAB 2 exam. I started wondering where I would go in UK. Where would I study and prepare for it and where would I live, million questions pooping in my head. One of my friends referred me to PLABRIGHT website, and as I was reading I saw full sponsorship and thought why not jump into it.
The next thing I was staying at PLAB RIGHT in Liverpool.
Overall, the environment the people working over there and people you meet there is an awesome experience.
Surya and his team is probably the best you'll find, they are not just an institute rather a family, yes a family, and take my word for it. PLAB RIGHT is not just preparing you for PLAB 2 but if you have full sponsorship like I did, you can stay there until you get a job and you can ask Surya for any guidance regarding interviews or CV. You can pay after getting the job in instalments.
I have no hesitation in recommending you PLAB RIGHT. You will learn and enjoy your stay. It is a home away from home.
Job well done to PLAB RIGHT, and hope you keep it that way.

Dr. Umar Nazar Rathore

I am happy to inform that I have cleared plab2

I am happy to inform that I have cleared plab2. My exam was on Dec 1st 2011. At this moment I want to wholeheartedly appreciate the Plabright team for the guidance and support rendered to me in achieving this feat. Sometimes preparing for exams can be stressful and the results may be unpredictable. Plabright is very unique in its approach in preparing the students for exams. The plab2 course at Plabright helps not only in tuning the clinical skill and knowledge but enhancing confidence and strength in the candidate. This makes preparation for plab2 exam less stressful and achieving a more predictable results. Helpful and caring nature of non-teaching staff at Plabright makes the training center a friendlier place to stay and study. I wish the Plabright team every success in the further endeavours. Warm regards, Keerthi Sunder