Pay once, attend twice

Candidates can attend subsequent courses until confidence and comfort sets in. Please note this will not incur any additional cost

It is a time-honoured fact that we have excellent pass rates - the success stories speak for themselves. Candidates who were unfortunate in their initial attempts at PLAB examinations after attending other courses turn to PLAB right with a hope of triumph - this is something that has always materialized. This information stands valid till date. Many candidates had constantly requested for approval to re-attend our subsequent courses with a belief that this would bring drastic improvement in the performance of those struggling with their communication skills, an area of crucial importance. With the benefit of hindsight, we now have a firm conviction that this is indeed the case. Making an allowance for this reality and the financial instability that candidates encounter during the run up to their examinations, we have launched a special candidate friendly scheme. . Our aim is to assist candidates to sail comfortably and successfully through the examinations with minimal expenses. Terms and conditions apply.

Terms and conditions:

a. This extended service will incorporate the week course and the manikin sessions. However it will not embrace the Brainstorming mock sessions, given the fact that we accept limited candidates for these sessions to uphold the excellence of our course.
b. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer.
c. This offer can not redeemed or transferred
d. Can repeat the course until the exam (Up to 6 months from the initial course)
e. Can repeat the course for free if unsuccessful in the exam (Up to 12 months from the initial course)

We will recommend interested candidates to our partner locum agencies to get the first job in NHS. We can find a job for suitable candidates in private hospitals and also may arrange for tier 2 visa Recommendation will be a true reflection of the candidates performance during the course.

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