OET - Occupational English Test

OET Course

Comprehensive course delivered by Englsih teachers and doctors
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About OET

OET exam costs £350 and is much easier exam than IELTS. It focuses on the medical English and doctors will find it much easier to pass than IELTS.

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4 Weeks Course

We offer a comprehensive course for OET exam. This course includes formal teaching, group study, 1:1 mentoring and five mock tests.

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Mock Tests

Each mock test includes reading, writing, listening and speaking test. £100 for one mock test or £300 for the set of 4 mock tests. 5 Mock tests are included in the full 4 week course.

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Onsite Accommodation

We offer onsite accommodation for £15/night. Under sponsorship scheme, part of the accommodation fees can be paid after start working in the UK


Course Details

  • 4 Weeks Course covers all aspects of OET exam
  • The course also includes 5 mock tests
  • Onsite accommodation for group study.
  • The course is delivered by experienced English teachers and doctors

Course Fees

  • 4 Weeks Course including 5 mock tests - £850
  • 4 Weeks Course, 5 mock tests and accommodation - £1250
  • Full Sponsorship - OET, PLAB1 and PLAB 2 - £1000 on arrival and £3000 later
  • 1 Mock test - £100 or set of 4 mock test - £300

Course Dates

  • September 3 - 29

  • October 29 - November 25

  • January 7 - February 3

How to proceed?

  1. Complete online application for the course
  2. Contact us for VISA reguirements
  3. Book OET exam
  4. Start the course in the UK

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Our Team

Team of experienced teachers


Consultant Psychiatrist
Hi, I am a psychiatrist and I have been involved with PLAB Right for over 12 years. Being a international medical graduate myself, I can relate to the common problems faced by international medical graduates. I will look forward to welcome you.


English Teacher
Hello, I am Robert. I have over 30 years of experience in teaching English language. I have designed this simple and comprehensive course to help you achieve grade B in OET exam.


Teaching Assistant
I will ensure that teaching classes run smoothly and I will be there to assist you


Please contact me if you have any doubts or questions
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