PLAB right offers special discount for group bookingsTerms and conditions apply Terms and conditions.

Group Size Discount for full sponsorship Discount for limited sponsorship Discount for PLAB 2 course Discount for PLAB 1 Course
Group of 2 £200 / person £ 100 / person £ 50 / person £20 / person
Group of 3 £300 / person £ 150 / person £ 75 / person £30/ person
Group of 4 £400 / person £ 200 / person £100 / person £40 / person
Group of 5 £500 / person £250/ person £125 / person £50 / person


1. Group booking should be made before the start of the course

2. You can add members to your group until the arrival of any member of the group

3. Group can break up to form new groups.

4. Group is define as a group of friends who are intending to take PLAB course at PLAB Right. All members of the group dont have to take the course or exam on a set date. To qualify for the discount, all members should have booked the course.

5. Group size can be extended until the exam date however it can not include the candidates who are already registreted
2. The offer will only be given if all registered candidates attend the course.
3. This discount is not offered for candidates who are staying in Friends Stay Together Accommodation.
4. This offer can not be combined with any other offers of PLAB Right Limited
5. This offer can not be transferred or redeemed