Terms and Conditions :
1. In the unlikely and unavoidable circumstances the company reserves the right to cancel the course and/or change the venue or date.

2. The company will provide accommodation and other relevant facilities, against payment of the accommodation costs. A security deposit of £ 20 (refundable) should be made at the time of occupancy.
The deposit may be used to recover the cost of damages or loss caused.

3. The accommodation should be vacated after completion of the course. Depending on the availability, arrangements may be made for candidates wishing to continue with the accommodation.

4. In the unlikely and unavoidable circumstances relocation may have to be made. Your co-operation in this regard would be highly appreciated. We will endeavour to make your stay at PLABRIGHT a pleasant and comfortable one.

5. Special offers cannot be combined with other offers.

6. During the course video and/or audio recordings may be carried out for training and quality purposes. This material may also be made available on our website. Notification will be made of such recording.

7. Changes:
You can make any number of changes to the course and accommodation up to 7 days before the start of the course. Any changes made after this will incur an administration fees of £50. Except in exceptional circumstances like VISA problems.

8. Cancellation:
You can cancel the booking at any time before the course. After attending the first day of the course, if you wish to cancel then the course fees will be refunded after deducting the registration fees of £50. (Registration fees / deposit is not refundable). If you attend more than one day of the course and if you wish to cancel then the fees will not be refunded.
Deposit will not be refunded if you decide to cancel the course. You can however transfer the deposit to your friend, who you have recommended
If you are unable to attend the course due to the rejection of the VISA, we will issue a full refund of the registration fees. We will expect you to submit the copy of letter from home office or GMC. If you fail to produce documents then we will not be able to refund the fees.
If we have given supporting letters for your VISA, and if you decide not to come to UK or not to attend the course (after getting the VISA), then we will have to inform the home office about your non attendance.

9. Currency accepted:
Pound Sterling

10. Pay in instalments.
Course fees for a 10 days course (£350) can be paid in instalments only if you are using a credit card for the payment. The £50 (Registration fees) should be paid at the time of registration and then 4 instalments of £50 will be taken from the card each month from date of application. If you wish to cancel the course without attending then we will refund the fees that you have already paid except the Registration fees £50.
Accommodation fees and fees for other short courses should be paid in full.

11. In the interest of all parties we make sure that all candidates strictly adhere to the rules of the house. Failure to comply with the rules may result in the termination of the course for an individual or whole group. The course fees will be refunded for the remaining days of the course. The daily fees will be calculated by dividing the full course fees by the total duration of the course

12. No candidate will be allowed to take pictures, record video and or audio during the course. Copying or reproducing any of our teaching material is not allowed. If we find any one breaking this rule then the equipment used to record will be acquired by the company.

13. After attending the 10 days course, one can repeat the one week course for FREE until the exam or up to 6 months. If you postpone the exam and wish to repeat the course after 6 months then we will give you a discount of 50%. If you repeat the course after one year then full fees will apply. You can repeat the 10 days course for FREE at any time if you have been unsuccessful in the exam.

14. Mock test can not be repeated for FREE in any circumstances

15. Brainstorming mock test can only be repeated for FREE if you were unsuccessful in the exam after attending the full course.

16. Full Payment of course fees: On arrival you should make the full payment of course and accommodation charges. If you do not make the payment until the end of the course, full course fees and any outstanding balance of accommodation or balance will be charged to the card used for payment of the £50 deposit. We reserve the right to cancel any benefit that you are entitled to free access to the course centre to practice and repeating the course for free.

18. Company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without giving prior notification. The changes will be notified by updating terms and conditions at www.plabright.com/general.htm