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Est: 2005


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Why PLAB Right is a Premier PLAB Course?

  We maintain very high standard of teaching

  Our teachers are experienced clinicians.

  Consistent high pass rate

  Safe and good accommodation in the same premises.

  Extensive post PLAB support to guarantee success

  Sponsorship only at PLAB Right

  We do not allow doctors who have just passed PLAB to come and teach in the course. We Take PLAB teaching very seriously and never compromise on quality. Our team is largely unchanged and has 7 years of experience in teaching PLAB

Some courses claim to be very popular. If 85% doctors attend a particular course, pass rate of that course will be almost same as that of GMC. Average pass rate of GMC is around 60%


SimMan Sessions at PLAB Right

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PLAB Right is a private limited company and is not associated, funded or linked with NHS

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